Ranking the coaches in the SEC

With the dust settled on the head coaching searches across the nation, now is a good time to rank the coaches in each BCS conference.
This is a highly subjective exercise I have done annually for the past three years. My criteria is a mix of future projections with past performances.
First up is the SEC, which now and forever will be the premier conference in America. It also is a league that had as much coaching tumult as any, with three new coaches: Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen.

1. Urban Meyer, Florida
He is coming off a second BCS title in three seasons. Add in a 12-0 record at Utah in 2004, and Meyer is the closest thing to college football perfection walking the planet. He has an 83-17 career record, and he’s 44. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? You know, what more can Meyer accomplish at the college level? The pull of the NFL will become too strong at some point for college football’s prince.

2. Nick Saban, Alabama