14 school districts sue state for underfunding Mississippi Adequate Educational Program

“Millions of dollars will go into Ronnie’s and other lawyers’ pockets instead of into the schools,” said Claiborne Barksdale, a referendum supporter and retired CEO of the Barksdale Reading Initiative, which is funded with brother Jim Barksdale’s $100 million pledge to improve reading. “The irony is striking. The constitutional referendum is by far the best way to attack the underfunding issue รข?” a permanent, conservative, constitutionally-grounded approach with broad public backing.”

Musgrove’s legal group would make $27.8 million in fees from the 14 districts they represent, according to Associated Press calculations using a sample fee schedule.

“It is disappointing to me that Ronnie Musgrove is using education as a pretense to get rich at the expense of the Mississippi taxpayers,” Gov Phil Bryant said in a statement, warning that successful suits could force the state to raise taxes.