Ray Mosby: The ‘Hattie McDaniel Rule’ coming?

“It ain’t fittin’, I tell you. It just ain’t fittin’.” – Hattie McDaniel in “Gone With the Wind.”

Why, as the McDaniel crowd stopped just barely short of saying their cries to the heavens of “we wuz wronged,” they “wuz wronged” by BLACK VOTERS! – in a REPUBLICAN primary runoff! Who ever heard of such a thing?

As a friend of mine said with tongue firmly planted in cheek the other day, “But you don’t understand, Cochran won with black votes – that is against the Republican bylaws.”

No. It isn’t, of course, not yet, anyway, but that is indeed what the McDaniel objection to the outcome, when you cut through the camouflage of all the increasingly strident and incendiary rhetoric, basically boils down to. And when one considers that, along with some of McDaniel’s past associations and remarks, then it begins to paint an even less attractive picture of the man than he is in the process of doing himself.

But if he somehow succeeds, the GOP will then have to consider adding a new “no blacks allowed” bylaw. They can call it the Hattie McDaniel Rule.

The Carthaginian