Reaction to Stewart Mandel’s ‘Houston Nutt’ article

Your Houston Nutt article is an outrage! Who are you, Mr. Stewart Mandel, to call a fine coach trying to help someone dirty or question his integrity? You should be fired!! I think you, sir, are a big A$$!!
— Steve, North Mississippi
After reading your latest article on Houston Nutt, I only have one thing to say: Thank you so much for publishing that article. I honestly can’t thank you enough for exposing this man for who he truly is.
— James, Little Rock, Ark.
I knew the Nutt column would elicit some strong reactions, but I had no idea they would split so diametrically between the states of Mississippi and Arkansas. I literally received hundreds of e-mails just like these two. It’s no surprise Ole Miss fans so vociferously defended their coach (though I have no doubt the same exact people would have crucified Dan Mullen if by chance Mississippi State had taking Masoli instead), but apparently Nutt is about as popular in Arkansas as Kiffin is in Tennessee.