Now that the debates are over and the last push is on toward November 6, all that is left is for voters to go to the polls.

What will the outcome be here in Mississippi and across the country?

Here are our predictions two weeks out:

1). The hits just keep coming for Democrats in Mississippi. Bill Waller, Mike Randolph and, yes, Josiah Coleman will win their Mississippi Supreme Court races, handing the entrenched trial lawyers and state liberals yet another blow. All have momentum on their side and look to be well positioned for election day success.

2). Mississippi’s Congressional delegation will remain intact as is for at least another two years. Nunnelee, Thompson, Harper and Palazzo all have significant resources and are facing also-rans that will have little impact on the final tally come election day.

3). Roger Wicker will continue to be the junior Senator from Mississippi, easily winning a full term. The real question here is how long until he is the senior Senator from Mississippi as rumors of Republican colleague Thad Cochran’s retirement continue to swirl.

4). The United States Senate will remain under Democratic control while the House of Representatives remains in the Republican column. This is indeed problematic given the do-nothingness of the upper chamber under the thumb of Harry Reid and the lack of willingness to introduce legislation brought forward by the House under Speaker John Boehner. Expect more gridlock at least for the time being no matter who wins the White House.

5). Mitt Romney will edge Barack Obama to claim the Presidency. Up until now we have admittedly been skeptical of if a Romney win was possible given the electoral map but as continues to be the case, the economy is still lagging, pocketbooks are shrinking, gas prices are still high, questions abound about transparency and truth, all of which lie squarely on the shoulders of Obama. This is his economy and his foreign policy at play. He has no one else to blame despite his best attempts to point the finger. While the margin will be narrow, Romney will win.

So there you have it… That’s what we’re thinking. Now, let us know what you think.

Send us your predictions and thoughts on the upcoming election and we just may publish them online as we seek to advance the public discussion leading up to November 6.

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Here’s what you’re saying…

> “Praying that our fellow citizens in several states come to their senses and give GOP Senate control. If not we will have gridlock, and the national media will blame it on the GOP like they always do. The national press has dropped all sense of fairness, and their transformation to a branch of the Democrat party has been completed this election.” – Scott Nunley (Dennis, Mississippi)