Real Clear Politics – Henry Barbour, other GOP operatives to Austin to study Perry’s chances

Supporters of Texas Gov. Rick Perry will hold another meeting next Thursday in Austin as the potential presidential candidate tries to determine if he can obtain enough financial backing to launch a successful campaign.

Henry Barbour, a nephew of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and a veteran GOP operative who will support Perry if he runs, plans to attend the meeting, which will include a different group of potential donors than those who gathered in Austin with Perry on Tuesday. The governor’s chief strategist, Dave Carney, also expects to attend the meeting.

To date, Perry’s advisers have said a key consideration centers on whether he will have the funding to make a credible run. Said Barbour: “I’m confident that Rick Perry can raise the money. He has a great record in a donor state, and he has a natural base to draw on.”

Perry’s official spokesman, Mark Miner, said he does not know yet if Perry will attend Thursday’s meeting, as the governor will be traveling for much of the week. This week he returned to California for private meetings with business leaders, and also met with potential donors.

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