Trump rallies in Madison

“Some of my friends say it’s terrible what’s happening to Mississippi, because of all of the jobs that are being lost,” he told The Clarion-Ledger. “It’s a big outflow, and we’re going to bring them back, believe me. If I win, if I become president, we’re bringing our jobs back, and I won’t be forgetting Mississippi.”

However, in a state like Mississippi where about 40 percent of residents are African-American, it’s unclear what he is doing to appeal to minority voters. His rallies, like the one in Madison, seem to have predominantly white crowds.

When asked if he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and what Trump is doing to earn the support of African-American voters, he said: “I’ve had a great relationship with African-Americans. I’ve employed many, many over the years — thousands. They’re great workers, great people. They have had such a tremendous relationship with me.”…

…Others, like Doris Campbell of Yazoo County, aren’t put off by Trump’s behavior. Campbell, as supporters consistently say, likes that Trump “says what he thinks.”

“I live in Mississippi,” she said. “It’s full of rednecks. Trump is classy next to that.”