Recio trial is a go for Monday despite prosecutors request

Federal prosecutors announced this morning they will proceed with the civil rights violation trial against former Jackson mayoral bodyguard Michael Recio.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Monday.

Mayor Frank Melton and Recio were charged with conspiring to violate the constitutional prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure and with using the power of their government positions to violate those rights. The charges stem from an August 2006 sledgehammer attack on a West Ridgeway Street duplex, which Melton later said was a crack house.

Each charge carries up to 10 years in prison. Their first trial in February ended in a hung jury. All charges will be dropped against Melton, likely today.

Lead prosecutor Mark Blumberg, citing Melton’s death as being fresh on the minds of Mississippians, failed twice to convince the judge to delay the trial until the fall.


Federal judge refuses to enforce gag order for Melton attorney

A federal judge has refused to enforce a gag order against an attorney for late Jackson Mayor Frank Melton, who died just days before his civil rights trial was to begin.

Federal prosecutor Mark Blumberg complained in a hearing Wednesday about comments Melton attorney John Reeves made, allegedly blaming the federal government for Melton’s death at age 60.

The bodyguard, Michael Recio, is set for trial Monday.

Blumberg wanted to wait until after jury selection to dismiss charges against Melton so the gag order could be enforced against Reeves.