Recruiting on the High Plains :: 2010 Signing Day

The past few years, today seemed more like a marathon, but this year, with everything else that’s happened, it’s felt more like a sprint. And considering that all I do is sit at a computer and type, I can’t imagine what this staff has had to endure to keep as many players on the same page. My last count, head coach Tommy Tuberville was unable to retain 5 commits: RB Aaron Spikes; OL Denton Simek; DE Kedrick Dial; LB Fred Harvey; and OL Javious Townsend. Tuberville had about 24 to 25 commits when he was hired at Texas Tech and he was able to retain (crossing fingers) the other 20 players. That’s not too bad, about an 80% retention rate, which I can live with. There’s also the thought that with some of these players, Tuberville may have stopped recruiting some of these players and with the others, they may have changed on their own. That’s a natural part of the process, especially when the head coach is making fairly significant changes on defense.