Everyone is going to hear a lot about “trial lawyer” influence (vs. “big oil”, “big tobacco”, “big insurance”, “big sugar”, “big guns”, etc.) in the next two months. The Democratic candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Commissioner of Insurance are either trial lawyers or have MAJOR MAJOR contributory ties to them.

I ran across a new website called Same Leopard, New Spots, which talks about the re-branding of the American Trial Lawyers Association and their movement to turn back tort reform in jurisdictions around the country. It will be interesting to follow the money on both sides of these elections to find who’s interests are being served by electing candidates. To a large extent, we know who the interests are and how they benefit. The trial lawyers will be focusing on a few key spots – AG, Insurance Commissioner and some key legislative races (enough to tip the Senate and enough to keep the house). Governor has been largely conceded. Lt. Governor is still a longshot. Both candidates have big name ID gains even if they get trounced (i.e. it will be good for business). Money will go there, but not huge money.