Jere Nash:

The President of the United States of America is coming all the way to Jackson, Mississippi. It’s not like this is a down-the-street visit; it requires a significant amount of time out of the President’s schedule to fly all the way to Jackson. But, yet, George W. Bush is coming all this way for just one short event — a fundraiser for Roger Wicker. He’s not holding a press conference. He’s not making a public speech. He’s not touring a factory or office or school or anything. He’s not doing anything while in Jackson, for example, to educate the public or rally the faithful to promote his policy agenda. Now, why is that? It’s not everyday the President visits Jackson. In the good ole days, a presidential visit would have been a big public deal. But not today. Not with this president. Not with his public approval ratings.

Andy Taggart:

Good grief. My friend Nash thinks the President is not making big public appearances while in town because he’s unpopular.

It’s a fundraiser, Jere. Every candidate does them, and if there was a Democrat in the White House, you can bet Ronnie Musgrove would be having him down for a fundraiser.

Or maybe not. Does anyone know whether Musgrove is supporting his party’s candidate for president?

By the way, we had a Bush impersonator at our church yesterday. Really. Judging by the kind of rousing reception received by the guy who only looks and talks like Bush, I have a hunch the real George W. Bush is still plenty popular in Mississippi.