Red/Blue – History in the making, or a last minute deal

Jere Nash – Budget & History

Well, Andy, you can tell your grandkids that you lived through the making of history in Mississippi. Even though a budget “deal” has been reached between the House and the Senate, it has not been “approved” by the governor and there is no date set for any special session. Therefore, it is almost certain that you and I will live through a time when the beginning of the state’s fiscal year comes and goes without a budget in place, and thus the legal authority to receive and expend funds. No one knows what will happen on July 1, but I believe we will get there with no budget. We are rapidly getting to the point where the actual legislative process needed to approve all of the appropriation bills and to approve all of the general bills needed to enact the substantive parts of the “deal” will take longer than the number of days we have left in the current fiscal year. I know that the members of the Legislature know this, because they live through the process year in and year out. Whether the governor understands this is less clear. But it almost certain that the members of the general public don’t understand the legislative complexities involved in enacting this “deal” into law, and just the number of days it will take. Someone should write a book about all of this.

Andy Taggart – The Budget

Jere, you’re such a worry-wart.

I’m sticking with my prediction of weeks ago, which was that the House and Senate would come to terms on a deal, they would be called into session by the Governor, and the budget would be adopted without having to “go where no man has gone before” (i.e., starting the new fiscal year July 1 without a budget).

I’m thinking you would have bet Columbus was going to sail off the edge of the world, too…

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