Howard Dean’s Visit
Howard Dean, ultra-liberal former Vermont governor and current Democratic National Committee chairman, visits Jackson and Hattiesburg tomorrow. No word yet on whether he plans one of his death defying screams, but one can hope.

While we are hoping, I hope he stays longer and comes back often. The more of his and his party’s far left agenda that conservative Mississippians hear, the more likely that Mississippi will vote for conservative alternatives this fall.

Dean’s and Barack Obama’s party hides its lefty social agenda under catch phrases and words like: “No third term for Bush!” Or “Hope!” Or “Change!” Cute on TV, I suppose, but useless for protection of the nation in an increasingly dangerous and hostile world or for stabilizing an economy that can’t find its footing.

Welcome, Mr. Dean. Stay a while. Talk a lot. And if it’s not too much to ask, how about a scream or two?

Andy & Howard
I agree with Andy that not much good comes from having Howard Dean come to Mississippi. It’s kinda like asking Ronnie Musgrove to go campaign in Vermont.

But, that being said, I couldn’t help chuckle when I read Andy complain about Obama’s use of catch phrases to describe an approach to public policy. I guess Andy knows whereof he speaks after joining millions of Americans who were hoodwinked by George Bush’s use of “compassionate conservatism.”

Dean does a double-take
Now comes the news that Dem National Committee chairman Howard Dean is stiffing Hattiesburg and will make only one stop in Mississippi, that at Tougaloo College.

I guess he figured out what I meant in yesterday’s post. The less seen and heard from him in Mississippi, the better for Democrats here.

Really, Mr. Dean, you’d love it if you’d visit a little more of our state than a single college campus. Oh, and here’s a tip: The honor and decorum of that campus are such that it would probably be best if you not scream while you’re there.