More on the State Budget

At this point, neither side is in a mood to give, thinking the other is going to blink first. And the two sides referenced here are Haley Barbour in one corner and the House Democratic leadership in the other corner. The Senate, in the form of Appropriations Chairman Alan Nunnelee and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, are currently serving as messengers between the Governor’s office and the conference committee meetings with House Democrats. There are really only two people who are likely to suffer politically as a result of this mess, and that’s Nunnelee (should he run for Congress in 2010 or a statewide office in 2011) and Bryant (in his near certain race for governor in 2011). Barbour won’t be running for any state office again and it is very difficult to hurt a state representative in his district on an issue like the budget

Clarion Ledger