Musgrove’s dilemma

Mr. Musgrove’s problem is that he needs to hold onto Obama’s coattails on Election Day tighter than the paparazzi stick with Brittany Spears on a Saturday night. But until then, Musgrove has to attract a bunch of votes from Mississippians who will be running to the polls to vote against Obama. Because Musgrove has to get all of Obama’s vote, plus maybe 150,000 more. No matter how big the anticipated historic turn-out is this November in Mississippi, John McCain is still going to beat Barack Obama here, and handily.

So every time one of Musgrove’s well-meaning supporters shows up at a meeting or a rally trying to support a “Obama/Musgrove” ticket, my guess is that he’ll be quickly and firmly asked to choose one or the other to support on that particular day. At least if the deal’s on TV.

Clarion Ledger