Obama — Vote shopping with OPM

Barack Obama announced today his so-called “Emergency Economic Plan”. It might better be called “Redistribution for the 21st Century”.

Obama’s plan, released just three months before the election, is to give every taxpaying family in America (drumroll here) $1,000 of free money! He will get that money by taking it from the “windfall profits” of — no surprise here — the oil companies.

This is really creepy. It’s altogether one thing when a politician seeks to buy votes from people with their own money. Fact is, that happens all the time, through political promises for bigger programs, higher benefits, longer vacations and the like, all of which the taxpayers pay for themselves while government doles out the largesse. But it’s another thing completely when Barack Obama seeks to buy votes from people with other people’s money, like he’s trying to do with today’s announcement.

In the business world, people decide whether and when to invest their money. But in Barry World, he decides whose money is to be given to someone else, at election time. Surely that will creep out even some of his most liberal supporters. Maybe, finally, we are seeing what’s behind the curtain with this guy.

Clarion Ledger