Cochran, McCain and the Sandinistas

Look, Americans are so tired of diplomacy-speak that we could all throw up. Our diplomats say, “Our government wishes to express its concern that your government is engaging in what appears to be inappropriate conduct,” for example, when what we want them to say is “If you don’t stop terrorizing people in and out of your country right now, you may expect a call from the United States Marines.”

Here’s what McCain should have said in response to Sen. Cochran’s story: “Yes, Thad is correct; I did lose my temper. Those Communist bastards had been killing innocent people for years, so I was already in a foul humor when I got there. On top of that, what that guy said to me in that meeting can’t be repeated in a family newspaper. Neither can my response. I’ll admit, I should have been a little more polite, and I’ll try to do better next time. But all I can say is, every red-blooded American man I know would have done exactly what I did if he had heard what I did from that little tinhorn soldier. Oh, and by the way, I’m still sorry I didn’t just go ahead and punch him out right then and there.”

That’s what McCain should have said.

Andy Taggart