The Wicker campaign is dialed in now

I am glad to see that Roger Wicker now appears to be dialed in for the remaining two weeks of his Senate campaign. The latest round of ads Wicker is running will prove, I believe, powerfully effective. For while Ronnie Musgrove has tried to paint himself as a conservative Democrat (despite his support for Barack Obama), Wicker’s latest ads show how Musgrove’s supporters perceive him.

The reason that the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-energy exploration, anti-development groups have already poured millions of dollars — looks like they might get to $7 million in this race — into Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign is, you guessed it, because they prefer having him vote with the Democrats in the Senate over having Roger Wicker vote with the conservatives in the Senate. In Nash’s and my new book, out November 1, we recall a story in which a Mississippi candidate for governor refused a campaign contribution because it ran against the grain of what he believed. As Wicker’s new ads are pointing out with devastating effect, Musgrove’s campaign consultants apparently have no such reservations.

Clarion Ledger