Whose abuse of power is worse: Frank Melton’s or the Federal Juggernaut’s?

Most of the people I know are law-and-order kind of folks, who believe that crime should be prevented by an armed citizenry when it can be, prosecuted where it does happen, and punished swiftly and surely upon a conviction. But I just don’t know anyone who thinks that it makes sense — or even that it’s “just” in any sense of the word — for the federal government to continue to hound Frank Melton with yet another trial seeking to have him thrown in jail.

What Melton did in going on an apparent drunken rampage against a house, including ordering minors and city employees to help with his dirty business, is despicable. Frankly, I have no doubt whatsoever that he broke the law and should lose his office of public trust as a result. All the same, the feds ought to close-up shop and move on to another project. Instead, by seeking yet a third trial of Melton, federal prosecutors are abusing their offices of public trust in a different way than Melton has, but in a way that is every bit as dangerous to a free people and a free society.

Andy Taggart
Clarion Ledger