The Conservative Choice for Mississippi: NOT Thad Cochran

Cochran was entitled to run for office but he was not entitled to either troll for Democrat votes, which is in direct violation of Mississippi law, and he was not entitled to falsely characterize Chris McDaniel as a racist. We have no reason to expect all candidates to be saints or conservative, but what we do have a right to expect is that they are not senile adulterers and that they do not break the law and offend the conscience in their quest for re-election.

Though our best bet for influencing the direction of the country lies within the GOP (tell me, do you really want anyone you know who is running a Tea Party related organization determining the direction of the conservative movement? I don’t. They are indistinguishable, in the main, from the GOP and the NRSC, they simply are poorer), there comes a time when it must be made clear, to ourselves and to the GOP establishment, that we are independent and we cannot be abused and denigrated with impunity.

So long as they can pull stunts like this without repercussions, they will. The only way we will stop this behavior is by extracting a price. The price of electing a Senator Childers is nothing as compared to the cost of seeing Thad Cochran re-elected.