Reeves freed up to campaign for GOP senators

JACKSON – Tate Reeves, the presumptive lieutenant governor-elect, has the luxury of helping fellow Republicans get elected to the state Senate where he likely will preside for the next four years.

While many other candidates for statewide office are traveling the state trying to win votes for the Nov. 8 general election, Reeves can begin to plan for assuming the lieutenant governorship.

Reeves, who is finishing his second term as state treasurer, defeated Senate President Pro Tem Billy Hewes of Gulfport in the August Republican primary. The Democrats failed to field a candidate, leaving Reform Party candidate Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill of Terry as Reeves’ only general election opposition.

“Since the August primary, we’ve been working to help other Republican candidates and the state party,” Reeves said recently in response to an inquiry from the Daily Journal. “We’ve been to events all over the state on behalf of candidates and have been working to raise funds that we will donate to candidates and the state party.”