Reeves: Voters don’t want politics as usual

BILOXI — Lieutenant governor candidate Tate Reeves says his opponent Billy Hewes III is attacking him out of desperation because Hewes’ campaign is flagging and voters don’t want politics as usual from someone who’s been entrenched in the Legislature for 20 years such as Hewes.

“Since Feb. 7, Elee (his wife) and I have been traveling all over the state telling people why I should be lieutenant governor, not why someone else ought not be,” Reeves said. “I think it’s unfortunate my opponent has chosen to go negative, but it’s not surprising from someone who’s been in the Legislature 20 years and been running for this office for two to three years … and is way behind with just a few weeks left.”

The two Republican candidates meet in the Aug. 2 primary.

Sun Herald