Travis Childers Keeps His Word to North Mississippi

First TV ad highlights Travis’s record of doing what he said he would do

Booneville, MS – Today, Childers for Congress aired its first television advertisement for Travis Childers’s 2010 reelection campaign. The ad, entitled “2008,” highlights Travis’s record of keeping his word to the people of North Mississippi and serving his first term in Congress doing what he said he would do in his 2008 campaign.

The 60-second ad, which aired district-wide, underscores Travis’s service as an independent voice for North Mississippi who has worked with both parties to create jobs, fight out-of-control spending, and stand up for North Mississippi’s pro-life and pro-gun values.

Watch the new ad online at Below is a transcript:

TRAVIS: [at desk] I’m Travis Childers. Before I was elected, I said this:

2008 TRAVIS: [2008 campaign ad] “I said I would work with both parties, work on gas prices and be independent…”

TRAVIS: I’ve kept my word. [headline: “Study Finds Childers Among Most Independent,” WCBI News] In fact, I’m ranked one of the most independent members of Congress.

2008 TRAVIS: [2008 campaign ad] “I’ll do in Washington what I’ve done in Mississippi – work hard, work with both parties, and create jobs.”

TRAVIS: I’ve worked with both parties [headline: “Childers wants small business tax cuts,” Mississippi Business Journal] and voted for a tax cut for small businesses to create more jobs…

2008 TRAVIS: [2008 campaign ad] “…and against the out-of-control spending in Washington…”

TRAVIS: [headline: “Childers works to reduce spending,” MS Digital] I voted against every big budget, and even voted against a pay raise for myself.

2008 TRAVIS: [2008 campaign ad] “I’ll oppose any free trade deal that costs us jobs.”

TRAVIS: That was easy. I’ve done that every time.

2008 TRAVIS: [2008 campaign ads] “I’m pro- life and pro-gun.” [static]

“I’m pro-life and pro-gun.” [static]

“I’m pro-gun and pro-life.”

TRAVIS: [headline: “Travis Childers receives NRA endorsement,” DeSoto Commercial Appeal] I’m endorsed by the NRA and National Right to Life.

I’m Travis Childers. I’ve done what I said I would do and that’s why I approve this message.

Aug. 12