Remap process difficult

Crunching numbers and drawing district boundaries to meet federal one-man, one-vote requirements, DeSoto County Supervisors are busy trying to craft a redistricting plan which will pass muster with the United States Justice Department.

Additionally, the county’s elected officials planned to hold break-out sessions with planning consultants in advance of Thursday’s 9 a.m. public meeting on the redistricting issue to see how the redrawing of their districts affect them.

According to the United States Department of Justice, each of the five election districts in DeSoto County should have a population of 32,250 people.

Election lines are having to be redrawn due to new U.S. Census numbers which show DeSoto County’s population grew from 107,199 in 2000 to 161,252 in 2010, an increase of 54,053, or 50.4 percent.

Desoto Times