Letter released encourages Senator Chris McDaniel to run for U.S. Senate

Forty-nine top conservative leaders and concerned citizens in Mississippi have released an open letter to state senator Chris McDaniel, urging him to run against U.S. Senator Roger Wicker in 2018.

“Our nation is at a turning point, and the conservative movement is in need of bold, new leaders. The 2016 presidential election proved one thing quite clearly: the status quo is no longer acceptable for Republican voters. The brand of the Republican party dominated by Mitch McConnell represents yesterday’s GOP,” reads the letter.
Senator Wicker only holds a 52% rating on the Heritage Foundation’s scorecard, indicating his principles are not in line with Mississippi’s conservative values. The signers of this letter want someone like Chris McDaniel in Sen. Wicker’s seat, someone who values what Mississippians value.

Grant Sowell, Chair of the Tupelo Tea Party, said he signed the letter because Mississippi is one of the most conservative states in the nation, yet its Congressional representatives are not: “Year after year, our Senators and Congressmen rank so low on most conservative scorecards. It’s time we elect a Senator who truly represents Mississippi’s conservative constituency.”

These leaders believe that Republican leaders in Washington, DC have not been able to fulfill their promises to the American people, to the people of Mississippi.

“In 2014, the common folks of Mississippi made the very definite statement that we are not being heard and those in power have no intention of hearing us,” said Laura Van Overschelde, Chair of the Mississippi Tea Party, and a signatory of the letter. “One person, Chris McDaniel, had the courage to say enough is enough. We almost got it done and common people all over the country recognized what we nearly accomplished. We support Chris McDaniel’s efforts to reestablish governance by the consent of the governed.”

“If Senator Chris McDaniel chooses to run for U.S. Senate, he will have our support and the support of these state and local leaders, along with many of their grassroots organizations,” said Tommy Barnett, treasurer of Remember Mississippi super PAC. “We are ready to hit the ground running to elect Chris McDaniel.”

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