Miss. Rep. Nunnelee among Republican conservatives lukewarm on immigration reform

Nunnelee said Congress needs to secure the nation’s borders and come up with a better system to monitor people who have entered the country legally but have overstayed their visa. Only then should it even consider other immigration proposals, he said.

“We’ve got to establish border security, we’ve got to deal with visa expiration, verify it — and then we can talk about whatever else people want to put on the table,” Nunnelee said.

Nunnelee said he believes the U.S. House could pass border security and visa monitoring legislation this year.

“It’s not just low-skilled, low-paid workers coming across our southern border,” he said. “When that is so porous, it means that other people can come across the southern border, including people who want to do our nation harm. We’ve got to secure the border.”

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