Congressman steps into Speaker’s seat during historic spending debate

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Nunnelee presided over the House chamber during Special Orders this morning. At this time members could debate H.R.1, which includes the Continuing Resolution that will fund the government for the rest of fiscal year 2011.
“It was an honor to preside over the House during such a historic moment,” said Nunnelee. “Congress faces a critical debate over the course of action we will take for America. As members deliberate on the largest spending cuts in history, it is evident that this week we will make the choice to chart a new direction for our nation. These tough decisions will allow us to pass on opportunity and freedom to future generations.

“I thank Speaker Boehner for inviting me to lead during Special Orders this morning. It was a privilege to do so because the House majority’s plan to cut government spending by $100 billion immediately will unleash the ingenuity of the American spirit and create jobs and a thriving economy that we can proudly pass on,” concluded Nunnelee.

Speaker Boehner can invite Members of the House to act as Speaker pro tempore and preside over the House while the chamber is in session.

Press Release from Alan Nunnelee