Republican says government shutdown possible, as House GOP work to bridge divisions

Rep. Tim Scott, R-SC, a freshman Republican leader, responded to that by saying, so be it.

“The fact that we may be completely ignorant to the process here, God bless us, because our ignorance has just saved the American people more money,” Scott told CNN.

Another GOP freshman, Alan Nunnelee, R-MS, said he agreed.

“Implementing these individual cuts is going to be difficult, but we’re focused on the big number, we’re focused on preserving the freedoms and the liberties that our country has enjoyed for our grandchildren and that means cutting the big number,” said Nunnelee.

Both men spoke to CNN coming out of their meeting on this issue with House GOP leaders.

“I’m elated that leadership is listening to concerns that we had, that the cuts just weren’t enough,” said Nunnelee.