Obama Budget Proposal Invites Action on Medicaid

April 10, 2013

Jackson, MS – Today, President Obama outlined his federal budget proposal. Among his suggestions to Congress was a recommendation that cuts to Medicaid DSH payments not occur until the 2015 budget cycle.

Rep. Bobby Moak (D-Bogue Chitto) said, “The President’s proposal gives states like Mississippi the opportunity to get our house in order by expanding Medicaid now and preventing catastrophic cuts later. It also serves as further proof that Medicaid DSH payments will be cut to historic lows in the very near future.”

Moak added, “It’s important to remember that even if the President’s budget is adopted, which is unlikely given the current makeup of Congress, Medicare DSH payments are still set to be cut beginning on October 1 of this year. These cuts will be devastating not only to hospitals but also to our communities. This is because when Medicare DSH payments are cut, resources to pay vendors for goods and services are on the chopping block as well. That means those companies that repair the air conditioners, supply food and contract for services with hospitals may find themselves vulnerable to the same DSH payment cuts. Employees and owners of companies in all segments of our communities will be impacted by these trickle down cuts.”

Moak added, “Republicans need to stop playing chicken with our hospitals and our communities. When a special session is called, Mississippians deserve a full debate on the future of Medicaid in Mississippi and a straight up or down vote on the single most important economic development opportunity our state has faced in generations.”