Yesterday at the Mississippi Supreme Court a landmark case was argued that will have a powerful impact on the future of education in our state. The Better Schools, Better Jobs ballot initiative is a true, people powered movement of hundreds of thousands of Mississippians coming together to try to democratically change our state. This important ballot initiative will make the funding of education a constitutional right and enable judges to enforce this right, even when legislators would rather spend the money on corporate tax breaks or other payouts to their supporters.

Initiative 42 will be on the ballot this fall. Unfortunately, rather than work to pass this important reform, opponents are working to hoodwink the voter. They have placed a similar sounding but ultimately toothless alternative on the ballot to confuse voters. This proposal will not include any enforcement mechanisms to ensure education is a priority in Mississippi and is an example of the worst Jackson has to offer: election year ploys that do nothing to address the underlying problems. A Circuit Court judge has re-written the language as it appears on the ballot to ensure voters are not confused. Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether to allow this updated language on the ballot or return to the previous, intentionally misleading, wording.

I hope the Supreme Court does not aide in this ploy but however the Court rules we will need a strong field operation to educate voters on the differences between the two initiatives. Please build our rapid response effort by helping us sign up 50 more volunteers or donating $10 to be one of the first 100 donors for the response fund today.


Rep. Bobby Moak
Democratic Leader
Mississippi House of Representatives