Staate Rep. compares Medicaid expansion to Civil Rights Movement – The News for South Mississippi

“Times have changed in Mississippi yet there are some very real similarities to what was going on in the 60s,”said Rep. David Baria of Bay St. Louis.

By looking at what happened in Mississippi in 60s, Baria said he believes he knows why the current governor and Republicans in the state legislature refuse to expand Medicaid for 300,000 Mississippians.

“Picture in your mind of Governor Ross Barnett standing in the door way at Ole Miss. We’re not going to admit James Meredith,” said Baria. “That is the position our government was taking on Washington in the 60s. I see this as something very similar because there is no real reason that we wouldn’t expand Medicaid and accept $15 billion and create 10,000 new jobs other than we don’t like Obama in the state capital.”

Democratic lawmakers said the party is working on a healthcare proposal they plan to present to Governor Bryant.