The Mississippi TEA Party announced today that Rep. George Flaggs (D) of Vicksburg has signed its Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which states, “I pledge to vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Flaggs joins 16 State other legislators and legislative candidates who have pledged not to raise taxes.

Although the Taxpayer Protection Pledge has already been signed by many conservative Republicans, Flaggs is the first Democrat and first Legislative Black Caucus member to pledge his commitment to prosperity in Mississippi based upon sound budgeting and spending restraint. Flaggs is the influential Chairman of the House Banking and Financial Services Committee and has represented the 55th House District since 1988.

Rep. Flaggs recently spoke to the Vicksburg TEA Party and participated in a pledge-signing ceremony with President Carolyn Wallace. He commented at the event that he had been advised not to attend the meeting.

“For those folks who told me I shouldn’t go speak, I say I’m going anywhere in this country and this state and speak on what I believe in,” Flaggs told those in attendance.

He expressed his belief that spending must be curbed at a time when many Mississippians are experiencing unemployment and dealing with a struggling economy.

Richard Wilbourn, Chairman of The Mississippi TEA Party’s “Move the House” effort, praised Flaggs for his stand.

“The MSTP appreciates Rep. Flaggs’ leadership on this important issue and his willingness to work with Mississippians regardless of race or party,” said Wilbourn. “We fully support his desire to make Mississippi a more prosperous and free place for us to work, worship, recreate and live. The TEA Party applauds Representative Flaggs’ stand for the hardworking taxpayers of our State who determine its growth and prosperity.”

“With no end to government growth in sight, Mississippi taxpayers desperately need assurance that their taxes will not increase,” said MSTP President Roy Nicholson. “They are looking for leaders in Jackson who will make tough choices and who will refuse to add to our already heavy State and Federal tax burden.”

Wilbourn challenged others seeking office this election year, particularly those running for the Legislature, to follow the lead of those who have already signed the Pledge.

“The Taxpayer Protection Pledge lets voters know for certain where a candidate stands on the issues of limited government and a taxpayer getting to keep his own hard earned money,” he said.

MS Tea Party Press Release