Pender: How much Legislature can Mississippi afford?

tomp all the bright-eyed, reform-minded idealism and willingness to think outside the box out of a lawmaker.

But not with Rep. Hank Zuber, R-Ocean Springs, bless his heart. To borrow a phrase from a comedian I once heard, hope springs in turtles. Zuber plans, as he has for several years, to introduce a measure that would limit general legislative sessions — where lawmakers offer non-budget, or general, bills — to every other year.

This would mean Mississippi lawmakers would tackle issues such as feeding deer meat to prisoners, preventing cities from banning all-you-can-eat buffets, extending raccoon hunting season, “classifying venomous snakes as inherently dangerous” and outlawing things that don’t really exist only every other year. In the off years, they would have to focus on mundane matters such as the state budget and taxes.

Clarion Ledger