Complaint filed in House race

In his statement, Horan said:
“On Saturday morning, I participated in a ‘Meet and Greet’ event in downtown Grenada. My opponent did not contribute to this event, but arrived mid-morning. As she well knows, at the time this picture was taken I was actually inviting her to enjoy some barbecue. At no time during this very short stay was she assaulted in any way. I have two elderly parents myself and would never think of physically assaulting anyone, much less a person of advanced age.
“The event was occasioned by Judge Leon Williamson, Sheriff Alton Strider, members of the Sheriff’s Department, as well as other candidates. The individual seated in the chair, Floyd Holland, was talking to Ms. Reta, and the three of us were having a light-hearted conversation about campaigning.
“I have tried to take the high road despite some of my opponent’s antics during this campaign. I am discouraged, at this late hour and after being invited to eat some of the food that I had provided, that she would do something like this in desperation… I also hope that those who know me and were there will speak to the truth of the situation as it actually occurred.
“No charges have been filed against me, and I do not anticipate any further action in the future,” Horan said.
Others at the event have released statements since Holden’s complaint was made public.
Justice Court Judge Williamson, who represents Grenada County’s east district, also denied Mrs. Holden’s allegation.
“I witnessed nothing of the sort that is alleged,” Judge Williamson said.

Grenada Star