Legislators remark on ’15 session

Rep. Rita Martinson, R-Madison, said she was disappointed that during an election year officials did more playing politics than legislating.

With regards to tax cuts proposed by both chambers and the governor’s office, she said none passed because it was just politics. …

…Martinson was also upset that an entertainment package she spent all summer working on could never get traction in the senate.

“I feel terribly distressed we didn’t get any kind of discussion at all,” she said. “The lieutenant governor does not believe in incentives, although there’s plenty of proof it works.”…

…Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones, D-Canton, said he was glad to see more education funding and the elimination of inspection stickers.

He said he was not surprised when the sides could not agree on tax cut reform for the public, too.

“The tax cut was big legislation,” he said. “This was an election year. The House and the Senate put them out there and they ended up where they ended up.”

Madison County Journal