I am proud to endorse Johnny DuPree for governor of Mississippi.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to serve Mississippians in the House of Representatives since 1980. I have seen and fought against cuts to our education budget at the detriment of providing an excellent education for our children. I have seen and fought against partisan bickering that does no good for the people.

We need a leader like Johnny DuPree who has proven that he can win a broad base of support—transcending divisiveness—that will lead Mississippi into a brighter future. We must have a leader who is not out of touch; but, who knows and understands the plight of hard working, everyday Mississippians.

Mayor DuPree is the only candidate that has come forth with a plan to improve our education system. He has also proven his ability to bring jobs and expand small businesses, and bring people together to move Mississippi to the top.

I am voting for Johnny DuPree, and I implore you to do the same.

Representative Tyrone Ellis
House Majority Leader
Mississippi House of Representatives

Johnny Dupress campaign release