Campaign Flyer

From Facebook Page
Political Views:Very Conservative
Activities:Hi, my name is Dannie Reed and I thank you for taking the time to view our facebook page. I am running for the office of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce because I believe I can make a difference. Since the day I made the decision to run for the House of Representatives, I’ve always promised myself I would not only be a champion in defending the conservative values that I hold so dear, but also would be a defender for the dignity of my fellow man. If elected your next Commissioner of Ag, I will work sun-up to sun-down to ensure our families enjoy safe agricultural products and ensure every hardworking citizen has access to a quality job. I believe in most cases that more government is never the solution, it is most often the problem. By taking a stand to treat every public dollar as my own, I will fight to cut taxes, lower fees, and deregulate industry to promote greater competition within free markets.