U.S. Representative Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) attended
President Barack Obama’s first address to the joint session of Congress
Tuesday where Republicans welcomed the President’s call for fiscal
responsibility. However, Congressman Harper is skeptical due to the
recent history of legislation passed by the Democrat led Congress.

“I will continue to fight for fiscal discipline and am ready to work
with the President to get the economy back on track,” said Congressman
Gregg Harper. “We should be promoting job growth. Instead, we are
raising taxes on small businesses, the economic engine of our state and

“Now, less than two weeks after passing a so-called stimulus bill that
will cost tax payers more than $1.1 trillion, House Democrats are
rushing a $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill with more than 9,000
earmarks to the floor for a vote as soon as tomorrow. President Obama
has asked both parties to get serious about fiscal responsibility while
supporting huge deficit spending increases and raising taxes on small
business owners. Republicans believe we should begin fixing our economy
by making tough decisions today and not asking our kids and grandkids to
pay for wasteful federal government spending.”