The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus met again today and there was a vote on support for re-electing Rep. Billy McCoy to the Speaker of the House post. The Black Caucus did vote to support Rep. McCoy but it was, as was the previous vote, a voice vote in a meeting in which there were several members who were present but did not vote at all, and there were members who were absent.

The Jeff Smith Campaign continues to feel confident in the written pledges of support from House members of all political backgrounds. We continue to work with and receive support from members who are Democrats, Republicans, and members of the Black Caucus. We feel our efforts have paid off with the number of committed members we have from all segments of the Legislature and are assured after the meeting of today that our efforts have been successful.

Rep. Smith stated today, “We understand the tremendous pressure some activist members of the Black Caucus have put and continue to put on the more moderate members and thus will continue to respect those moderate members’ request for privacy. Lists at this point will only subject black and white Democrats to pressure that serves no useful purpose. We are happy with the written confirmations we have received and are confident of victory in the Speaker race. We have stated numerous times that our leadership team will be diverse and assure input from all factions of the House. This situation has not changed.”

Smith for Speaker