On Monday, September 28, I invited Congressman Childers to a series of debates – including a proposed televised debate from Tupelo. However, WREG-TV contacted my office and Congressman Childers’ office that same day offering a live in-studio debate on the night of Saturday, October 25.

In order to accommodate Congressman Childers’ schedule, we accepted the proposal to guarantee a televised debate for the voters of our district. On Tuesday, September 29, Brad Davis, Congressman Childers’ Chief of Staff, informed us that the Congressman would in fact accept the debate sponsored by WREG-TV.

Today we were informed that for whatever reason, Congressman Childers has backed-out of our agreement with WREG. When the station offered to pre-record it at a time of his choosing, Congressman Childers declined.

I ask that he work with his schedulers to find a time for a televised debate. Surely, Congressman Childers has time to tell his views to the people of Mississippi’s First District. If he objects to the location, I encourage him to accept our original proposal for a televised debate in the eastern part of the district.

I think it’s a shame that while much has changed since May, Travis and I won’t have the chance to explain how we would deal with those changes. The success of the surge in Iraq, the economic problems on Wall Street, folks here paying too much for food and gasoline, the possibility of an electoral tie and which Presidential candidate we would be proud to support with our deciding vote, these are things that voters in this district need to hear about.

Greg Davis Campaign Release