Hurst Calls on Attorney General to Oppose EPA Coal Rules

As Attorney General, Mike Hurst would stand against federal overreach like President Obama’s unconstitutional war on coal

Today Mike Hurst, the Republican nominee for Mississippi Attorney General, issued the following statement regarding the new final proposed regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding coal-fueled energy production:

“President Barack Obama wants to keep a campaign promise: to bankrupt America’s coal industry, thus sending our utility rates skyrocketing. The EPA’s final proposed regulations would shut down hundreds of coal-fueled power plants around the country, cause America to be less energy-independent and secure, cause power bills for families and businesses to increase, and eliminate jobs in Mississippi and around the country. Even some Democrats in Mississippi agree this is bad policy. As Mississippi’s Attorney General, I would fight this example of federal overreach as aggressively as I would be fighting President Obama’s healthcare law, his executive order on illegal immigration, and his attempt to circumvent the Second amendment and ban our ammunition – all areas where Attorney General Hood’s silence and inaction have promoted President Obama’s agenda while shortchanging Mississippians. Mississippi needs to oppose these disastrous and unconstitutional policies, and as your Attorney General, I will lead the fight to protect our state and its citizens.”

Mike Hurst Press Release