From the Marcy Campaign . . .

My name is Bill Marcy, I am the republican candidate in Mississippi 2nd Congressional District. I am asking the press to cover the congressional election in the 2nd District. I believe that the press is overlooking an important story. African Americans have been portrayed as only voting for democrats. The true story is that African American have a long history of supporting republicans but only in the recent years black folks have been convinced that they are better served by the Democratic Party. But in the last few years many blacks have not only voted for republicans but they have run in elected races as republicans.

This year there 32 African Americans throw their hat into the congressional race with eight winning the GOP nominations. A recent quote from the Frances Rice, National Association of Black Republicans said,

“Those who won their primaries and secured their Republican Party’s nomination in the past few months are: Star Parker (California’s 57th congressional district); Issac Hayes (Illinois’ 2nd congressional district); Chuck Smith (Virginia’s 3rd congressional district); Marvin Scott (Indiana’s 10th congressional district); Damon Dunn (candidate for California Secretary of State); C. Morgan Edwards (North Carolina State Senate); Gwen Patrick (California House District 52); Stephen Broden (Texas House District 30); James White (Texas House District 12); Marilyn Jackson (Texas House District 51).

The two other black Republicans who won their June 22nd primaries, in addition to Tim Scott, are Bill Randall (North Carolina 13th congressional district) and Bill Marcy (Mississippi 2nd congressional district).

A laughable feature of the media’s reporting on Tim Scott is the assertion by liberal journalists that Republicans had to overcome their racism in order to nominate Scott.”.

It is surprising that after the election of Michael Steel, an African American, as the Chairman of the National Republican Party the only stories about Mr. Steel leadership is not the victories in South Carolina New Jersey, Massachusetts and Hawaii. The only stories are negative. So along with Mr. Steel slanted coverage it is not surprising that the press has ignored the eight African Americans who as won their party’s nominations. When these races are not being ignored the stories are always about how these black republican candidates do not have a chance to win in November. The lead story should that African Americans are making giant steps into leadership positions in the Republican Party.

Bill Marcy

Republican Candidate MS-2