Mississippi Republicans face key issues in 2015 statewide elections

Since 2012, Mississippi Republicans have been in charge of both houses of the Legislature and the governor’s seat.

With a big election in November 2015, Mississippi’s GOP trifecta faces two questions: Has it made good on its campaign promises, and will that be enough to hand the Republicans another four years?…

…“The vitriol we saw this year isn’t likely to roll over into 2015 with the same fervor as was propagated in 2014 in large part because the out-of-state interests will not be as prevalent and the questionable antics from those in state have been largely discredited and disavowed,” Corder said. “Add in the positive, conservative record of Legislative Republicans and the ‘Cochran-ing’ (running to the right of an incumbent) of most just will not find any real traction.”

Mississippi Watchdog.org