Republicans learned from ‘Lugar loss’ in GOP primary

Dr. Charles W. Dunn, professor emeritus of Government at Clemson University, says those veteran senators don’t want to see a repeat of what happened to Republican Richard Lugar in the Indiana primary two years ago against Richard Moredock.

“Lugar should never have lost that primary,” recalls Dunn. “Why did he lose it? He didn’t use the power of incumbency – organizing early, raising money early, and seriously campaigning back home.

Lugar, says Dunn, left a “big opening” for a tea party candidate to beat him, which Moredock did.

So Dunn says Cochran and Graham are taking no chances.

“Now the Republican incumbents such as Thad Cochran and Lindsey Graham are organizing and raising money, so that makes it much more difficult for a challenger from the tea party or wherever to win,” says Dunn.