Republicans of Jones County sent out a press release attempting to clarify their recent “invitation” to state officials to appear before them and answer questions regarding the recent US Senate primary.

The release states that the group isn’t a Tea Party effort (yet a simple search on the internet will show that known members are clearly associated with the Tea Party) nor is it a thinly veiled ruse of Chris McDaniel supporters (yet again a simliar search proves they aren’t veiled at all – they ARE primarily McDaniel supporters).

Exhibit A is the contact person listed on the release – Tiffany Parrish. Check her Twitter and Facebook and see if you can claim these aren’t disgruntled McDaniel supporters.

What’s more – why form a splinter group? Why not go through the Jones County Executive Committee or the Jones County Republican Women that exist to support and communicate with the state organization unless this is nothing more than a power play?

Here’s the release as posted by Kingfish:

ROJC Press Release 9-8-14 PDF