A woman in Laurel named Tiffany Parrish representing a heretofore unheard of group called “Republicans of Jones County” sent a request/demand to four statewide elected officials (Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, Stacey Pickering and Delbert Hosemann) and MSGOP chair Joe Nosef to appear before them to explain themselves.

As shown on page four of the document, it’s a pretty thinly veiled ruse of Chris McDaniel supporters wanting a forum to lob rhetorical rotten tomatoes at officials they deem to be against the chosen one.

In fact they, “acknowledge and realize the potential for disturbance, open discord, and vocal outburst in this setting. We will provide additional security.” Classy.

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

'Republicans of Jones County' make demands of Bryant, Reeves, Pickering, Hosemann, and Nosef