Resolution on Ike Turner stirs up senators

Sen. Johnnie Walls, a Democrat lawyer from Greenville, introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 522 and criticized his colleagues for singling out Turner for ridicule.

“We have commended people here for all sorts of great contributions without knowing anything about their personal lives,” Walls said.

So far this session, the Senate has honored country singer Charley Pride and bluesman Bobby Rush.

After a half-hour debate, the Senate approved an amendment to change the resolution to read that Turner’s “music contributions” rather than his life would be honored.

Sen. Kenny Jones, D-Canton, offered the amendment, but he suggested there was a double standard for entertainers.

“I honestly don’t know why we have to spend this much time debating this particular bill. I know for a fact this Senate has commended Elvis Presley, and Elvis Presley also died of an overdose,” Jones said. Presley was born in Tupelo.

Clarion Ledger