Respond – Does Hood make sense to anyone anymore?

Jim Hood just can’t help himself. First he threatens to sue the state troopers; now he’s working feverishly to protect their overtime pay. Does this make sense to anyone?

Apparently the AG has issued an official opinion that Governor Haley Barbour violated the Constitution when he partially vetoed legislation that would provide some type of payment for overtime work carried out by state troopers. The Governor has said this legislation would strip the Department of Public Safety of its management authority in dealing with issues, like overtime pay. (And, as far as the constitutionality of the issue is concerned, check out section 73 of the MS Constitution, which clearly states the Governor can partially veto any appropriations bills.)

One should expect valiant Hood to defend his opinion in normal fashion. You know, grandstanding against the Governor, demanding fairness for our state’s “men and women in uniform,” that sorta thing. I really, really hope he does.

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