Retirement best choice for Favre

Retirement is easy. Apparently, staying retired is the tricky part, especially for pro athletes.
The story has happened time and time again, as often as some athletes retire, unretire and re-retire. It’s understandable. As an athlete, they are often in the spotlight, pulling down huge salaries, adored by fans and included on any number of A-lists for parties, premieres and other social events.
Once they retire, in many cases, all that ends.
As such, word that Brett Favre has the “itch” to play again, just a few months after an emotional and tearful announcement that he was leaving pro football, didn’t exactly floor anyone — with the possible exception of Aaron Rodgers, the man penciled in to replace Favre as the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback.

Favre told the Biloxi Sun-Herald newspaper the talk was just rumor, but the rumors not only persist, they are gaining momentum. And rumors such as this don’t go away until there has been definitive action. So far, that action hasn’t materialized.
Favre could deliver the definitive answer simply by saying he wants to come back or he wants to remain retired.
Favre, when announcing his retirement, said, “I’m just tired.” He also said if he came back, the only way another season would be successful would be by winning the Super Bowl.
So what should he do?