Retzer: Minor picked wrong argument to debate

Bill Minor has grown older, crankier and a little bit lazy. Instead of arguing the merits of whether an unskilled 17-year-old high school junior should be paid $15 an hour, he personally attacks the businessman who gave her a job. Somehow the fact I have built a successful business entitles him to denigrate me as a “millionaire burger peddler,” a “Big Mac merchant” and as “money bags.”

Bill goes on to inaccurately describe me as a native of “Bethesda, Maryland, another Yankee who came south.” The truth is, while I was born in Bethesda when my father was stationed at the Pentagon, I never actually lived there. I, in fact, lived in Virginia and grew up as a child of military parents who were stationed in all parts of this country, including Alabama. We also lived in Libya for two years at a time when the United States had an air base there. I came to Mississippi for the opportunity to build a business of my own. I was successful but I have watched many other small businesses fail every year. A $15 minimum wage will create a significant barrier to all those who want to own their own business…

…So, Bill, I think you ought to check your facts before you fire off your missives. But more importantly let’s not just insult each other; let’s have a rational discussion about the effects of a $15 minimum wage.

Mike Retzer is a McDonald’s owner/operator.